TFTP issues on new installation

  • [SIZE=3]Re post from an earlier thread. I need to get this running as we are in a bind. Fog 0.32 on Centos 6.5. Everything looks OK except that when I go to upload an image, i get an error: “[CENTER][FONT=Ubuntu][COLOR=#333333]Unable to start task [/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER][CENTER][FONT=Ubuntu][COLOR=#333333]Unable to connect to tftp server”. I did confirm that tftp is installed and running. I set the password in Fog Settings and set the fog user password in Centos. I even tried using the root user without success. Thanks to everyone who posts.[/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER][/SIZE]

  • This is my last day at this location. Giving up on this and moving on. Thanks to everyone who offered assistance along the way.

  • So, after doing some testing, TFTP appears to be running and functions, yet Fog tosses up TFTP errors. Any suggestions?

  • Thanks, Tom. i did rerun the install of Fog with success. /tftpboot folder is there with permissions set. I will try a few tftp commands to insure it is functioning correctly. Think you hit on something. If I try to issue the command tftp it says it can’t find the command. Attempts to tftp from another box fail. I try to reinstall tftp and it says its already there. i’ll dig deeper.

  • I wish, in cases like these, I had remote connections.

    Oh well,

    Can you perform tftp commands to test that your fog server is working?
    [code]tftp -m binary X.X.X.X -c get pxelinux.0[/code] (Change the X’s to your FOG IP Address)

    Can you try reinstalling FOG and see if that helps you out at all? (Probably this)
    If I recall your other post, you were completely missing the /tftpboot folder on your FOG Server, I don’t know what else isn’t installed. I assure you these things, after some modifications, work with CentOS 6.5. It’s not always easy, but it does seem to work.