• Hello everybody,

    While I’ve been fairly busy lately, I’ve been working on figuring out how to bring progress tracking back.

    I’ve gotten partclone figured out where at least it now writes the data to the /tmp/status.fog file, and this data writes to the database. What I can’t seem to figure out, hence my request here, is how to get that information displaying on the GUI. I’m sure I can figure it out given enough time, but I’m looking to see if there’s other methods of achieving the same thing.

    I don’t know exactly how the data was received with partimage, and right now I don’t really care (as sad as that sounds).

    From what I can tell, I have to have the active tasks display with a div and contain the id host- . This information, from what I can tell, is followed by an ID (which should be I think) that looks to be the task ID. So I had to make an edit to the FOGPage.class.php file to make it recognize if it’s a tasks lookup, adjust the div to change the name from task-<taskid> to host-<taskid> and lookup the task percentage data.

    From there, the fog.tasks.js file does the progress display for us, but it looks like the new div template never displays properly. I can’t tell if the method it’s using is supposed to be the host-<hostid> or host-<taskid> that I formally generate.

    I broadcast just hoping others have some understanding that I’m just missing.

    Thank you all.

  • As I stated, I have gotten this working finally.

    I figured it out and it took a lot of work. Hopefully it’s something that’s needed. Next phase to hopefully get multicast working.