• There are a couple of points I am trying to address in this post so please bear with me. I am running fog .32 on ubutnu 11.04.

    I am trying to upload a Win7 image from one of our laptops. I thought I had captured this image previously but what was on the fog server was corrupt and now I think I know why. The previous image was done from a different laptop which I do not have right now. I am having to try to redo this image from a second laptop. I watched this upload closer and saw partway through the main partition that there were several read errors after a few minutes. The image process then went on to the next partition and seemed to complete normally but I know there were errors.

    This is my first point. Why don’t I get notification that there was an error during the process? Is there a log to look at somewhere that would have a record of these errors that are being shown durning the process?

    So I went back into Windows and scheduled a complete chkdsk of drive c which was the partition that failed. It found some bad blocks in 1 file and repaired the file (according to chkdsk). Free space was checked and found no errors. The drive was defragged.

    Feeleing that I had found and fixed the problem, I started another updload. Same problem but much later into the image. I had plenty of space in the /images folder but decided to increase the space anyway and see if a fresh boot of the fog server and more space would help. (fog is running on vmware esxi / vsphere 4 - no problems expanding the partition).

    Fresh boot and new upload - same problem. DRDY error, problem reading /dev/sda3.
    Is the imaging util (partclone?) more susceptible to errors than chkdsk? Could a different kernel image make a difference?

    [edit to add - I have found another laptop that I can hopefully use to recover an image but would like to find out about these issues still]

  • If you run the system in debug mode. What this means, is setup the task you’re trying to perform as a Download Debug Task (under advanced options) or Upload Debug.

    On the client, the file should be under /tmp/status.fog

    It’s just a text file, but it’s main purpose is to store the errors thrown from partimage. There are common thrown errors with is what the progress reads/gets its data from.

  • Thanks for the correction, Tom. I had seen a reference to what was used but could not remember off hand.

    The second laptop is working much better to pull an image and I am breathing a little easier now. Would still like to know about the questions I raised.

    Are the logs / results from partimage available anywhere? Is the next version of fog .33 more aware of problems like this or can it be added at some point down the road?

  • It sounds to me like the original drive is beginning to fail. You could try diagnostics . Also the imaging util is part image.