Image queued, can't go any further

  • Ubuntu 12.04
    I have two devices; One tower, which has the OS and FOG server and one laptop, Dell Latitute XPsp3
    Both of these devices are connected to a Netgear switch
    During FOG installation I selected Normal installation
    Set the IP address to
    Said no to setting up a router address for DHCP and DNS
    Said no to changing the default network interface
    Said yes I would like to use the FOG server for DHCP service
    Installs fine and I am able to get to the management page
    On the client machine I set the IP address to
    I am able to get to [url][/url] and upload the image
    It shows queue from the web GUI on the server
    From the client machine I can enter from the command line:
    tftp GET pxelinux.0
    RESPONSE IS: transfer successful: 16976 bytes in 1 second, 16976 bytes/s
    I try to PXE boot and I get the "No DHCP or proxyDHCP
    Windows firewall is disabled
    I’ve changed client IP from static to DHCP
    I’ve combed through the wiki and other sites, but can’t get this image to successfully upload
    Any ideas?