• When I select either “Client System Information” or “Quick Host Registration and Inventory” the process hangs. Here’s what I see:

    Loading fog/kernel/bzImage…
    Loading fog/images/init.gz…ready.
    early console in decrompress_kernel

    Decompressing Linux… Parsing ELF… done.
    Booting the kernel.

    Then it just sits there forever. Here’s what I’ve tried:

    1. Swapped video card for a known working card.
    2. Updated to the latest kernel via the “Kernel Updates” link.
    3. Recompiled my own kernel. I tried to throw in every network, hard drive, and raid driver I could find.

    So far, it works with everything I’ve thrown at it except these T7600s. They’re using the onboard raid controller, and SATA hard drives (either SSD or regular, depending on the box).

    If anyone has this configuration working, I’d love your input. Otherwise, does anyone have suggestions of how to troubleshoot this? The messages aren’t giving me enough information to even know where to start looking. I did read about a kernel option, something about “early message output” or something like that, but it was already enabled.


  • Ooh. Sorry. I just boxed up my test T7600 once I got everything working. I can test it on a T7500, though. You won’t hear back for a bit, though. I’m taking the next couple of days off for Christmas.

  • Mike,

    If you want, can you try the latest kernel (from the same place). It’s size went from 8.2MB down to 5.9MB

    I just want to ensure I’ve still got everything.

  • My configuration is available in multiple places.

    First, the latest of my kernel is located at: [url]https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk/kernel/TomElliott.config[/url]

    The second place is at: [url]https://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/TomElliott.config[/url]

    Third, just ask I can post. I’m reworking the kernel as we speak to see if I can get Chris Sodey’s system working. Here’s to hoping all possible SMBus’ to the kernel will work!

  • Thanks Tom. Worked great. For my education, and for future updates I may have to run, how did you build this kernel? Was there some magic you worked on it, or did you just select a better combination of options than I did? If you just ran a normal kernel build, can I have a copy of your .config file?


  • Mike B,

    Can you give my kernel a shot?