• Hello,
    I have fog .32. Running on Ubuntu 12.04.Everything is working fine.i have created snap which works fine except I can’t schedule it for fixe time.i can put snap in on host machine using deploy single snap in. It works correctly, but when I try to schedule it for particular time slot,the task management page shows task started with time but after time has expired I don’t see snap in on host. As I said above single snap in works without schedule but schedule time it does not.I went through all the forum searching but that did not help me. I went through .php file and changed ‘&’ but still an issue.Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • I found my issue. I did not select the SNAP from the Host menu. I read through the fog doc and reliazed that I was not attaching SNAP Image to the host. Once I did that, I was able to schedule the Task. I also upadted the BIOS time and host local time.

    I like to add extra column in the Host list page. I like to add Primary User column in the Host list. How can I do it?



  • Just to update this post. I am able to wake up any host within our network using schedule task.