• My current fog server is on it’s way out the door. I no longer have the boot or networking capability on it. I will have a new server here shortly and will install Ubuntu 12.10 and fog 0.32, but is there a way with Ubuntu 12.10 and fog 0.32 to “slave” the SATA drive and copy the images and SQL off via the linux command prompt?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you for the replies! The “server” I currently have it on is an old PC whereas I have a new server to implement Fog because I love it so much! The old PC was tampered with and the install of Ubuntu is clobbered. I’m not that ubuntu savvy but when I left the server was functioning fine, when I come back it locks up at boot. I have the new server anyways so I really don’t think it’s wise for me to search the forums day in and out to try and figure out the issue with it.

  • Why doesn’t it boot anymore? Maybe the drive is bad?

  • If the server doesn’t boot anymore, that won’t be easy 🙂

  • This is plenty possible.

    First things first, I’d recommend making an exact replica of the database information with:

    [code]mysqldump -u root -p[root_password] fog > fog_db.sql[/code]

    If you don’t have a password on the mysql server then:
    [code]mysqldump -u root fog > fog_db.sql[/code]

    I’d keep the other fog server running just for a little bit. Get the second one up and running. Then use rsync, or scp to copy the data from /images to the new server.

    First, you’d want to install the new FOG Server information as you normally would, replacing server ip (recommended only) with the old IP address just for use later on.

    Then, run the scp or rsync command from the old FOG server, with something like:
    [code]scp -r /images/* <NEWFOGIP>:/images[/code]

    Copy that fog_db.sql file to the new server in similar fashion.
    [code]scp fog_db.sql <NEWFOGIP>:~/[/code]

    Then on the new FOG Server you’ll run:
    [code]mysql -u root fog < ~/fog_db.sql[/code]

    If you set the password use:
    [code]mysql -u root -p[PASSWORD] fog < ~/fog_db.sql[/code]

    Then the final step, shutdown the old server, and set the old server’s IP address on the new fog server. You should be good to go. You may have to reboot your new fog system to, just to ensure apache/ftp/etc… get updated with the new IP address.

  • Yes. Plug it inside. Assuming your first disk for ubuntu is /dev/sda, the second one will be /dev/sdb. If you used the first partition on your former partition you can mount it using:
    [CODE] mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt[/CODE]
    Then, your former files will appear under /mnt, and you can get to the usual files, which are:

    • opt/fog
    • var/www/fog
    • images
      As for mysql, you can try getting coldly a backup of var/lib/mysql back in place, but that may not be as easy as it sounds. But it should work, if you stop mysql first copy the data over, start again. Not really clean, but will work in most scenarios.

    Good luck.