How to use fog Server in different Network?

  • the Description of my question is listed below:
    []I installed fog server in my Laptop on Ubuntu 12.10 with the following setting and environment
    ]IP address: default: which is provided by our DHCP Server in the Organization
    []DHCP Server: Fog itself
    ]DNS:default Network Range in my Office:
    Note: I can’t to use our organization DHCP server to set the fog server port addresses.

    :)After this everything is ok. I can open the fog page: I can register host and can see in the Fog Server

    :( But the Problem I faced is:
    []I changed my office with the Ip range
    ]ip Address is one of from the above range.
    Now i can’t to use the previous 140.252.214/fog/management fog server Page.
    And i can’t to boot from pxe and nothing fog Logo apears
    So How can i open and use fog Server page with the new ip e.g.

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