How to use fog in different Network?

  • the Description of my question is listed below:

    I installed fog server on Ubuntu 12.10 with the following setting and environment
    []IP address: default: which is provided by our DHCP Server in the Organization
    ]DHCP Server: Fog itself
    ]Network Range in my Office:
    🙂 After this everything is ok.
    I can open the fog page:
    I can register host and can see in the Fog Server

    😞 But the Problem I faced is:
    []I changed my office with the Ip range
    ]ip Address is one of from the above range.
    Now i can’t to use the previous 140.252.214/fog/management fog server Page
    So How can i open and use fog Server page with the new ip e.g.

  • Based on my understanding,

    Your IP DHCP Range changed from 10.140.252.x to 10.140.190.x?

    Was this an on the fly change?

    Did you make the changes to your FOG Server configurations? TFTP, WEB_HOST, FTP?

    Have you restarted your fog server since DHCP took over? Or at the very least the apache server?

    The reason you’d not be able to access the web server ( sounds like you changed the network but did not restart the apache service.

    You’ll run into all sorts of other issues though unless you make the configuration changes. Many of them will be on the Web GUI, but you’ll likely need to make the change to your /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file as well. All references to the old IP will need to be updated to the new server address.