• [FONT=arial]I have a FOG server set up locally and am multi-casting about 30 computers at a time using a 48 port switch. During the registration process I am able to register most of the laptops successfully, but there are always about 6-8 laptops that do not register successfully and get this message…

    “hdparm: ioctl 0x304 failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device”[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial]However, after the multi-cast is done, I am then able to register the hosts that were not registered successfully the first time without any issues.

    I have researched this error and have found other people had the same problem, but usually its with all of their hosts and not just a few of them. [/FONT]

  • Again,

    The fact that after it’s done the task for the systems to do get registered, you can register the other hosts, tells me it’s a limitation of connections. Maybe some other limitation is occurring on the server, but something is stopping the connections to allow the registration to happen. I’m fairly sure it’s not a problem in a configuration of the FOG stuff, but I could be wrong.


    Try increasing the connection limit to mysql from 100 to, for testing this, to 999 and see if you run into the same issue.

    I say this because sometimes connections can happen that just fail, so the system will create a new connection. 100, when doing enmass of 30, is not very much considering the overall number of connections made.

  • That does not appear to be the issue. The max connections that are allowed on mySQL server are 100. I’ve also checked to make sure our DHCP scope is configured correctly. I have taken a snip it and have attached them.


  • Adam,

    This doesn’t sound like a problem, persay from the FOG side of the house. It seems more of a connection limitation of your MySQL server. Only so many systems can be input at the same time. I’d look into that first as you’re stating you can, after a period of time, register the “non-registered” hosts.