Saving images to another drive within the same FOG server

  • I have a machine housing an Ubuntu OS/FOG server. It’s primary boot drive is an 80 GB SATA hard drive, and it also has a SCSI RAID array that’s nearly 1TB in size.

    The FOG server runs just fine; through the configuration page I’m able to save images within the IMAGE folder on the 80 GB hard drive. I’ll be saving a lot more images in the future and the 80 GB is obviously way too small.

    I’ve gone as far as mounting the SCSI into a folder within my Ubuntu box, giving that folder full permission, and copying the image within the Ubuntu box from the 80 GB to the RAID. I have no issues there.

    The problem I have is trying to create an image from the PxE boot of a client machine directly to the RAID. It continually throws a “permission denied” error. I’ve configured the FOG server to point images to a folder that has the mounted RAID drive, and I think I’ve given it all the necessary permissions.

    Any thoughts or posts I can follow?

  • That was a quick response.

    I followed this post:


    And that did the trick.

    It’s very likely that your reply would have pulled the trick as well since the commands you posted are exactly the same as what was posted on the link.

    Thanks again!

  • First,

    delete your /images folder on the 80 gig drive. Then recreate it.

    [code]rm -rf /images
    mkdir /images[/code]

    Then edit your /etc/fstab file so your SCSI drive gets mounted to /images
    Basically you’ll have to add a line to the file that should look something like:

    [code]/dev/[SCSI LABEL] /images ext[3-4] defaults 0 0[/code]

    Of course change the [] parts to be relevant to your drives particular setup. e.g. /dev/sda1 and ext3 if you formatted the drive as ext3 or ext4 as needed.

    Then you’ll have to reboot the machine to verify that it mounted the scsi/raid drive to /images

    Once booted run df and verify that you now have a line containing /images with the proper drive size.

    Once everything in that regard is working run these commands:

    [code]mkdir /images/dev; touch /images/.mntcheck; touch /images/dev/.mntcheck; chmod -R 777 /images[/code]

    This will create the images/dev directory, create the .mntcheck files and make sure the permissions are correct.

    This should do the trick.