• I am able to set up printers in Fog and, for the most part have it work. However, a couple printers we have, an older HP LaserJet 8000, as well as a newer HP P3015 will not add to hosts. I have them setup pretty much the way all the others are. I downloaded the driver packs and unzipped them to a subfolder in a network share and then point Fog to the .inf file. The fog log on the hosts says the printer installed OK but then when it tries to make it default the log will report “printer does not seem to be installed”. Host environment is mixed XP/7. I have tried HP Universal as well as the native driver for the printer model on each of these. Any ideas?

  • I’m assuming this issue is happening on both XP and Windows 7? Or is it limited to only Windows 7 machines?

    I ask because it could be a permissions issue. I don’t know much about how to install local printers to a host as I haven’t had to play with them too much. All of our printers are on a printer server, so we use the network printer option for our systems. It works, mostly, but once in a while we get the IDS Message, and these are on Windows 7 systems. Once we acknowledge those messages they install fine. We don’t get those messages or issues on our Windows XP machines though.

    It makes me think the printer is trying to install as the local user rather than the Administrator of the system.