• So sorry to post this on the Fog forum but im hoping theres some SQL gods out there who can help, Recently one of our Server 2003 SP2 SQL 2005 boxes has begun running dog slow with the CPU being pegged at 100%, Ive tried turning on named pipes and turning off Shared memory in SQL config manager afew tips that i found whilst googling but our clients are really struggling to get any sort off work done due to the servers performence. Has anyone had any experience with this and found a cure?

    Sorry again for bumping this post with a non fog issue but given the amount of great techs on here i couldnt resist

  • Hi Tom

    Yes its virtual box, we wondered if it was hard disk related on our SAN so we have migrated it to its on Raid 5 Host to see if that improves performence on the box. Its a noodle scratcher deffo but thank you for answering Tom i need all the help i can get lol

  • Then I would recommend looking at what is happening on your SQL Server System them. It sounds, to me, like some other service is running and stealing the resources of the system.

    Is this server by chance on a VM? If it is, maybe try adding more resources, such as another CPU and maybe a little bit more RAM.

    If it’s not on a VM, you will need to dig into what’s eating your resources and stop those services (as necessary) from running or using the amount of resources.

  • Hi tom

    cheers for your reply, yes we have rebooted and although it does improve slighlty it then will start to gradually degrade to the point of connections being dropped, Im seeing a lot of tweaks mentioned on the web which scare me so just hoping someone has that golden fix


  • Simple as it sounds, have you tried rebooting that system?