Using Fog Server for mulitiple locations which has different subnets.

  • I want to use fog 0.32 built inside of Ubuntu 12.04 x64 vm, and be able to change the network settings of the Ubuntu host and change all ip changes (tftp, dhcp, ip address) in the fog server to match the current network in order to talk to clients and use fog DHCP for the site. Is this possible to have a mobile Fog Server that can still keep all my images for different sites but just change the IP information when i got to different sites?

  • ok we are finally getting somewhere…[B]FYI if clients are trying to use FOG as the DHCP server you need to modify this directory as well if your modifying your pre-existing FOG servers ip information for a different site location.[/B]

    /etc/dhcp/dhcp.conf - this was the culprit for me, it still had the old ip address information and I also discovered I can narrow down the dhcp address scope here as well.

  • It sounds like the PXE File can’t be found. Can you verify that the FOG_TFTP_HOST is pointing to the proper IP address, it should be your server which you changed the IP to.

  • PXE-E11 ARP Timeout
    TFTP Cannot open connection
    this is what i get now…how to verify and test the fog tftp connection is working?

  • you could always try [CODE]sudo gedit /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default[/CODE] or the tried and true [CODE] sudo chmod 777 /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default[/CODE] that will give all permissions to the file.

  • ok I have changed the IP Address for all settings but im trying to figure out how to modify the “/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default” I have navigated using Nautilus but its read-only, then i tried using VI but after pressing I for insert and started navigating thru the file i got tons funny looking characters so i closed out…How do I config the read-only file?

    Update - i noticed the default file has root as read only and fog user as full access so i WinSCPd to the fog server as fog user with the password that is located in the TFTP Server settings under “FOG_TFTP_FTP_Password” I modified but yet host gets this error now:
    PXE-E11 ARP Timeout
    TFTP Cannot open connection

  • ok this is great info, I have navigated thru these areas you mentioned and I see all areas i need to change the IP Settings for…except FOG Configuration/Other ->PXE Boot Menu…I dont see any areas that have a ip change that need to occur in order to modify then resave…

  • You have to change the Storage Management IP as well:

    Storage Management-><YOUR NODE NAME>->IP Address

    In FOG Settings you’ll most likely need to change:

    If you use WOL you’ll also need to change:

    To change your PXE Default file:

    FOG Configuration/Other ->PXE Boot Menu

    That’s the easiest method, or you can edit the actual file:

    Change the web= references to point to the new IP Address:


  • ok all images will be stored on the local workstation I have anointed my Windows7 Host>Oracle Virtual Box>Ubuntu Desktop x64 12.04>Fog 0.32 server, so I will need to change my ip host (Windows 7 box to local subnet im at) then change the ip to the Ubuntu (virtual pc) which effects the fog server.
    now all the fog ip addressing that I need to change will all be in the “Fog Settings”? also how do I resave my PXE file for the new subnet?

  • Okay,

    Then the first thing you’ll need to do is change your interface IP address to that of the subnet you’ll be working on.

    The next parts you’ll have to change will be the Storage Management IP. (Make sure it’s set to the subnet you’re on).

    Then you’ll have to change the IP addresses corresponding with your new system under (FOG Configuration/Other)->FOG Settings

    Then you’ll have to resave your PXE file so it obtains the IP of your “new” setup for the subnet.

  • hey thanks for responding. heres my issue I have multiple subnets at different cities, I want to plug in my fog station on any local subnet and obviously change any ip settings on the fog server side that need to be changed in order for the clients to pxe from the fog server. If end up at a site and the subnet is 192.168.1.x and my fog server is still set at (from the last site) wouldnt I need to change my fog server ip settings to match 192.168.1.x subnet so that the clients can see the fog server? also Im traveling to multiple sites so if plugging in a temp fog server is a quick way to upgrade to Windows7 then im ok with it and also my clients are all static IP’s no current DHCP so I will having the fog server supply temp dhcp when booting off pxe client.

  • I think, possibly, you’re over thinking this.

    My guess is you’re worried because you have multiple sub nets, but only one FOG Server. You’re wanting to make it mobile so you can keep all your images on one system, but so you can, basically, plug’n’play on your alternate networks.

    While you could, possibly do this, I think it’d be easier in the long run if you used a tool called ip-helper.

    My guess is that you are using one DHCP Controller to hand out the IP Addresses for all systems under your management. Is this correct?

    If that is the case, this means that all nodes come to a central point, and they’re distributed, from that point, back to your DHCP Server for IP Assignment. All you should have to do is an ip-helper for all tftp requests to point back to your FOG Server. Then you don’t have to lug a server and make an IP change everytime you need to work on another network’s systems.