Original computer gets dropped from domain

  • Just got my server set up and some images uploaded. Everything seems to be functioning well except that when I re-image a computer the original computer which the image was uploaded from gets dropped from the domain.
    I go in and put the dropped computer in workgroup “X”, restart and it is reconnected to the domain.

    Any thoughts on this?

    thanks much

  • You’re welcome,

    For the future, when you’re building a base image, inventory into fog but tell fog not to join it to the domain. Then upload the image. This way you don’t have to disable the FOG Service.

    Your method works, but if you have to restart for anything before the upload process, the Service will try to take over and could join the domain, lets just say you had to go to the bathroom while you waited for that restart.

    Once the image is uploaded, then go ahead and enable join domain for that system should you need to.

  • Here’s what I did…
    “master” computer - disable join AD, disable all services, joined to workgroup “X”…uploaded image…rejoined to domain

    re-imaged test dcomputer, logged on…




  • The master image should not be on the domain, correct.

    The new host, if add to domain is enabled, will change hostname and join to domain afterward.

  • so, the computer I upload from should be in, say “WORKGROUP X” and then after the image is uploaded I can rejoin it to the domain?
    But, if I turn off “join to domain” will the newly re-imaged computer be on the domain after imaging?

  • Also, your imaged machine should not be joined to the domain when you upload the image. Otherwise the new machine will think it is the same as your “master” domain control and all.

  • Turn off join to domain, and/or turn on hostname changer and make sure the new system is not registered with the same name!