FOG wont Deploy an image (maybe Win7 image setting mistake)

  • Hi there,

    I have pulled a WinXP updated image yesterday. And after that i have put some different Win7 installation on that test PC. First i was about to put it with FOG so i associated an Win7 image with the PC. But afterwards i just used one Clonezilla image from the external drive. To test around.
    So today i need to add another change to the image that i pulled today. So i went to the FOG web interface and associated an XP image to that test PC. But forgot to change image type to WinXP instead of Win7. So when i tried to deploy the XP image it sayd that something was not right with the image. So i went and noticed that i forgot to change the Win7 image type on the test PC. So i changed it.
    But in the end now i cant use the XP image anymore. When i try to image it almost starts, but then trows a view lines and didnt image and reboots. The imaging deploy task is then automatically removed.
    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance,

  • I successfully imaged the previous XP image tho. On the same test PC.

    p.s. I did notice via gui of the fog server that the XP image in question in the image folder is now 98gb instead of 35 that it should be.

  • It might be because of the way the partition table is set. Make sure you have the OS type properly set and the partition type as well… It would be very helpful to actually catch the error that it throws at you 😉