• Hi

    Where can I find instructions how to install the multi-site location patch? (I have found the thread, but not how to install the patch)
    Another question, will Capone work with multiple nodes and multi-site location patch?

    I have found out that Capone will work.

    we use Ubuntu 10.04 and FOG 0.31

    Until now we have installed 17 normal-installation FOG servers with Capone on 10 different sites. We use the servers only to deploy images if a student/teacher want to reinstall their PC.

    They all have Laptops (approx… 1500 HP 6460b, 6470b) and we have not integrated FOG into the school-network. This setup works perfect but is time consuming when we want to update the images.

    What we looking for now is basically this:

    []One main server for pushing images to nodes etc…
    ]Two storage groups (one for students and one for teachers, this because we use the same hardware)
    [*]17 Nodes witch runs PXE/TFTP and pushes images direct to clients. (not as nodes works by default, but as a normal installed FOG server)
    The multi-site location patch seems to be the perfect option here, to reduce the network LAN/WAN load to a minimum.