• r1402 released.

    Fixes a missing ); tag within index.php of schemaupdater.

  • Your like a runner away train Tom,:eek: Thanks for all the updates going to pull down r1401 and have a Play.:)

  • r1401 released.

    Fixes some dating information on the reports page. Changes the search boxes to show what’s valid rather than what you’re searching for. Basically, this ensures you know the data is there.

  • r1400 released.

    Adds a filter argument to the buildSelectBox function. Used primarily in Host and Group pages to filter out the items that are already associated.

    getClass is now using the reflection class as was intended by Blackout.

  • r1399 released.

    Fixes the blamed nodes stuff to use the class file. Various other minor changes as well.

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 24088, member: 7271”]r1304 and 1305 released.

    Both are just more hooking elements. Part of the frequent releases is due to the weather in my area. I don’t want to lose my work while in the middle of changes. Hopefully you all understand.

    Are you using a UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply)? Sorry if I’m telling you something you already know. That will keep your system running in a blackout/brownout for 20-30 minutes, giving you time to complete a task and then safely powerdown.
    I always have my most important 3 or 4 PCs protected at all times. Another thing - good spike protection in the fuse box is a good move. Then you’re covered for most weather conditions, except the lightning bolt hitting the powerlines in front of your house. Sorry again if you already know this. Thanks for all your work.[/quote]

  • r1396 released.

    Removes many legacy items from the class files as they didn’t appear to be used anywhere. If there was one, I changed it to use the more improved methods. It also transitions the groupid and imageid tags in the browser to use id as the rest of the url’s use.

  • r1394 and 1395 released.

    Fixes the pending mac’s to be approved at an individual level.

  • r1393 released.

    Fixes a couple issues with the imaging log reporting/forms. Only returns entries where the host is valid as well.

  • r1392 released.

    Simply adds No Menu option to the Boot menu stuff. This literally displays no menu at all. If there’s a tasking, it performs that task, otherwise it just boots straight to the first hard drive on the device. This may require some minor tweaking on some devices, but that’s a simple fix.

    Hopefully people find this useful.

  • r1390 and r1391 released.

    r1390 removes the default reports from the reports directory as they are now included in the ReportPage as their own objects rather than separate files. Fixes an issue of displaying the cpu max speed under the host page inventory menu.

    r1391 forgot to wrap the submit button stuff on the equipment loan in a form. It works properly now.

    Thank you,

  • it’s ok in rev 1389.

  • @lepretre

    Try 1389.

    r1389 released.

    Adds Proxy Username and Password fields under FOG Settings in FOG Configuration. Moves all proxy information to its own setting category (Proxy Settings). Add’s the support needed in FOGCore to use the authentication mechanisms. Updates the database to support all of these things.

  • hello,

    Blank page when i click on a task in basic task of the host page.


  • r1388 released.

    Host page deployment should give more direct information (<TASKTYPE> task created for <HOSTNAME> with image <IMAGENAME>)

    Transitions SnapinLog to report page.

  • r1387 released.

    All but two of the “standard” reports are now transitioned into the ReportManagementPage class as their own objects of that class. This, I hope, will give us hooking in the near future as I’be been programming them as such. Equipment Loan and Snapin Logs will be next, probably getting the snapin logs done tonight and equipment loans done tomorrow.

    Legacy types in the Images are now setup as: Image Manager and is a select box that chooses PartImage and PartClone. This is the type of binary used to deploy (download) the images to the client system.

  • I am on Fog 0.33

    Modules are enabled, the hostname have changed during imaging proces.

    New imaged computer didn’t ask for restart at 1’st boot.

    On win 7 it works.

  • Are the host modules enabled to the system?

    The hostname changer part, you mean the system rebooted, and this is what happened, or this is what was changed during the “changing hostname” step during the imaging process?

    Make sure the host modules are enabled. Make sure the host AD stuff is correct as well.

    if you have a 0.32 system you can verify whether this is a problem with Windows 8, or the FOG Client itself. My guess is this is a windows 8 issue, not a client problem as Windows 7 and XP still work right?

  • Yes. Fog client is installed, and fog server address is set by ip.

  • Developer

    Did you install the FOG client on this machine?