PXE redirect via a menu.

  • Hi guys, just wondering if its possible to boot from a linux PXE server to a menu that defaults to booting fog, but gives the option to boot from SCCM if I so wish on given machines?

    So the menu would be for example:

    1. FOG (default after a few seconds)
    2. SCCM (affectionaly known in our workplace as SCUM)

    We have both environments and one guy insists on continually changing the dhcp scope on given vlans to accomodate these 2 servers.

  • From a quick search it appears most people do it the other way, using SCCM as the primary PXE server, although the following post does have a little info on doing it the other way.

  • If you know the kernel and the filesystem (init.gz) setup, it should be as easy as a menu entry that points to those areas. Other than that, it still uses 66 and/or 67 so the only way to use two pxe servers nicely is to keep redirecting that PXE systems when either or the other is needed.

  • My justification for using two PXE servers is a pretty poor one really, I know FOG handles PXE nicely but I know very little about SCCM and how it handles PXE booting. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft have some convoluted method which would require lots of work to migrate to FOG.

  • It just depends though. Why use two pxe servers? You already have the pxe server for FOG, and you know FOG already works, why not just insert the files/kernels that SCCM uses and create a menu entry? It would be a lot easier, and you’re not fighting for ports between two systems.

  • To be honest, I don’t know a huge amount about SCCM or the way it PXE boots. Chain-loading would probably be the way I would go.

  • You could chainload the system to point to the alternate PXE server, or you can just put the SCCM information onto your tftpboot folder and boot that way.

  • The suggestion above wouldn’t work as hes wanting to network boot from another PXE server. It may be possible using a menu option but I suspect you would have to load some software to do so as PXE booting is handled by the network card.

  • I think you’d want something along the lines of a menu entry as:
    LABEL fog.sccm
    KERNEL fog/kernel/memdisk
    APPEND iso initrd=fog/images/sccm.iso raw
    Useful Information about SCCM here!

  • Yes it is possible. If you know the kernel and the initrd (or iso) you’ll need, you just open up the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file and create a new menu entry.

    I don’t know all your info needed for SCCM so I’m sorry I can’t break it down any easier for you.