Issues with slow response from FOG Management page

  • I thought I would ask the community on this one to see if there is any advice on my issue.

    Running FOG server on Fedora 13 currently. I set it up on a private network to test, (which is essentially just a 5 port switch and the systems with private IP’s) I had FOG be the DHCP server, and the DNS server, and I set the Fedora 13 IP to be, the default gateway the same, and DNS to be I did not configure a DHCP router address, I said no to that question in the install script. I filled in addresses for every question in the install script, and wasn’t sure if any should be left empty.

    Anyways, all install operations seemed to complete successfully, however, now when I try to go to [url][/url] it DOES connect, however, only after 30 seconds of “spinning” in the browser(Firefox). It’s that way for any operation I perform in the management page, it will work, but only after a 30 second wait time. (Keep in mind that when I put the server on the real network, I can get out to any internet webpage without any trouble.)

    I’d rather not have to manage it this way, as it’s extremely annoying to even browse around. Also, I’m worried that with it in this state, it might have issues when I attempt to upload my first image, so I want to get this in hand first. Does anyone know what I might have mis-configured? It’s also possible I screwed up in Fedora somewhere as well.

    Let me know if anyone has any ideas.


  • So you’re not running thru a mod_fcgi process if it’s all defaults. I’d find out what’s eating your memory on the server then. You mean that there’s 11+GB of RAM in use on your fog server? That’s crazy, and definitely would be the cause of slowness as that much used RAM would also mean your CPU is constantly in use.

  • Tom,

    This particular server has 12 GB of memory. All of the operations seem to function, but it’s like you said, it could be php. I’m not certain how I’m running php, it’s however the defaults for an updated fedora 13 / FOG 32 are set up. As far as the RAM state, I did notice that all but 70 MB of RAM was being used during a host image upload process, however, I didn’t check it at any other point. It’s just odd.

  • On the server, how much memory do you have? If the loads are taking that long, it seems that something is eating the RAM and php is taking forever. Are you running php thru fcgi?

  • Tried it with an actual router, initial loads on the pages are still taking 30 seconds, but after it loads the pages once, it seems to be able to switch instantly without any further issues. Either way, FOG appears to be working properly now, I can handle the initial delay once on each major page. Thanks Tom!


  • Tom,

    Thanks a lot for responding! The looping issue you describe sounds very much like what I’d imagine the problem is. The reason I have it on a switch is that the switch is gigabit, and transferring the images would be much quicker that way! All of the routers I have are 100 m/b only so transferring 1 TB+ images for a test would be a little cumbersome. 🙂 However, I might try it your way just to see if the issue clears up.

    I would have liked to put it on the real network here, but I don’t have control over that, and FOG says it needs a static IP. Plus, I don’t want it interfering with their own PXE system they have for windows machines.

    Either way, thanks Tom, I’ll try it and let you know.


  • The only thing I can think of is that it’s not communicating with the gateway properly.

    It’s, seemingly, is passing information through a loop. If you have a crossover cable, try one computer connected directly to the FOG Server’s network interface and try doing it that way. This will let you know if it’s the DHCP & DNS issue. I’d recommend, though, instead of a 5 port switch, if you have a router such as a linksys or netgear, you shouldn’t see the problem you’re describing now.

    I don’t know what else to check. I understand you’re trying to make the server the “router” in this case, but that loop around seems to be causing the issue itself. Does your fedora system have named/bind installed as well?