Fog Cleaning Hard Disks

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    We moved away from the Fog a couple of years ago and are now looking to implement the system again. The problems we were having was with an image of a Windows XP machine going onto a Windows 7 PC. The partitions weren’t exactly the same and caused the image to fail. We moved to Acronis True Boot Image and it deletes the partitions on the disk before putting the image on the disk. Is there a way to do this in the Fog?


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    What version of FOG were you using when this happened to you? I haven’t seen any issues with this as we, in 2011, had received systems with Windows 7, but were, at that time, supporting Windows XP. We created the Windows XP image and uploaded to the relevant system and had no issues that I’m aware of. We were using FOG 0.32, and still are.

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