Failed fog backup attempt still haunts

  • My fog server was working great except I had a need for more space. I created a share and move the files to another server along with a dump of the sql db…here where things go wrong.
    I deleted the image files to clear space and then set a task to image my domain servers again. That process must have caused some sort of corruption in the database ( I’m guessing wildly here)
    after some thought I deleted the databases and decided to start over then tried it again. The corruption was still there. So I decided to do an reinstall of fog…I did some other stuff also but it is …in a fog… now (sorry I couldn’t help myself). Anyway I follow the instructions these instructions:
    #Uninstall FOG

    #remove service
    sudo rm /etc/init.d/FOGImageReplicator
    sudo rm /etc/init.d/FOGMulticastManager
    sudo rm /etc/init.d/FOGScheduler

    #delete fog database
    sudo mysql
    #(or ‘sudo mysql -p’ if you set a root password for mysql)
    drop database fog;

    #Remove files
    sudo rm -rf /var/www/fog
    sudo rm -rf /opt/fog
    sudo rm -rf /tftpboot
    sudo rm -rf /images

    #delete fog system user
    sudo userdel fog

    rebooted the server and reinstalled fog thinking that I would just re-register the computers and connect them to the new images.

    What is happening is now the computers are transmitting the images to the fog server, but they are not registed.
    I suspect there is something that is written on the computers to do this.

    Thanks for reading,


  • The systems would come back with an error. Unfortunately I didn’t document what it was…I assumed the problem was that I removed the original images. The server only has 1tb of space and I still have several computers I want to have imaged before the inevitable happens.

  • When you setup the task before uninstallation, did your systems start uploading their images?

    I don’t know what else to suggest here.