NIC Not working on win2k after fog upload

  • I have an old windows 2000 box I wanted to capture an image of with Fog. So I booted into the bios, enabled PXE and uploaded the image fine. After reboot, the NIC Link light goes out after win2k loads. If I reboot, I can still boot into fog, so the NIC is functional. Does enabling PXE change the way the NIC reports in windows? Since the NIC only stops working after windows loads, it appears to be a driver issue to me.

    Unfortunately, its a Vendor supported machine (Kodak) and there is software on the machine to keep me from logging into windows to check things out. And of course Kodak wants a ton of money to come and fix this thing. Is there any possible way that enabling PXE and uploading with Fog caused this? Im just trying to cover myself.

    EDIT. I tried turning PXE back off in the bios, and the issue is still there…

  • I, for one, can’t see any way that PXE or FOG could cause this situation.

    Was the NIC actually working in the 2K box prior to capturing the image? Not knowing how it is used, I could imagine a situation where the NIC had been down for some time, you image it, someone notices the NIC isn’t working, and since you touched it, you own it (in their mind), even though there isn’t a way FOG or PXE couldn’t have changed things.

    I might check the network cable, especially if a different cable was used for capturing the image. Or the pins on the NIC, wall jack, hub/switch/whatever else it’s connected to. I’ve seen pins pop out, get crossed, and other strangeness.

    You could also try a safe-mode boot and see if that gets you anywhere as far as being able to log on. Or even an Ubuntu LiveCD. If you’re getting network connectivity there with the same cables, etc., I’d guess it is a driver issue.

    Only other possibility I can think of (and this is pure speculation) is there might be a damaged bit of the hard disk where the NIC driver (or other files) live and aren’t able to be read. Perhaps the activity on the disk pushed it over the edge, but it would have failed sometime soon anyway in that case. Short of being able to log onto the 2K installation, I don’t see how you’d be able to troubleshoot this one.

    You’ve demonstrated the NIC still functions, FOG doesn’t change anything on your computer when capturing an image (as I understand it), and you had no way of logging onto the computer to change anything.