PXE - File Not Found

  • Hello,

    I work in a lab environment that is controlled by a Windows Server 2012 DHCP server.
    I currently have Fog installed on an Ubuntu 10.04 box and have been attempting to PXE boot off of it.
    For some reason, I continually receive: “File not found” during PXE boot and am unable to proceed any further.

    I have done (on another box): tftp [my server’s IP] and then get pxelinux.0 with success.

    I don’t understand why my PC’s can’t PXE boot if I can pull the file manually.
    In Server 2012, I have configured option 66 to my server’s IP and option 67 to pxelinux.0.

    Any help would be [B]greatly[/B] appreciated!

    Thank you!

  • Never mind! I figured it out finally!

    I was changing the global scope options on my DHCP server but each individual scope still have option 67 going to our old imaging server’s PXE boot file.

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