Booting the Client Image Locally

  • Hi all,

    I’m in a situation where I cannot modify any of the network resources to use PXE and will most likely be shut down if I try to start my own DCHP server. The safest thing for me to try would be to boot the PXE client for FOG off of a optical or USB drive. Is that possible? I’ve done some searching and haven’t found anything. I could just be using the wrong terms to define that operation. In any case does anyone have any suggestions for my situation?


  • Hi dusto,

    I replied this option in another thread, see if it works for you: [url][/url]

    I assume that when you say you can’t modify any of the network resources to use PXE you mean that you can’t modify DHCP options 66 & 67. In my enterprise there is a DHCP which has those options already busy, so I couldn’t modify them, my solution was to use ProxyDHCP as I mention in the thread above.

    Tell me if this works for you.

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