Images Store not found after moving Images folder to new server

  • I have a new box I am using as a Fog server and I have everything setup and running. However, during testing I can upload a new image to the server, but when I try to deploy an existing image I get the error that it cannot find the image store. I transferred the images folder from the old Fog server box to the new box, and since I can upload a new image I know the client can read/write to the images folder on the new box. Any Ideas? I am running Fog 0.32 on a 64 Bit Ubuntu 12.04lts box.

    Correction, I was uploading the image and it appeared to be uploading. But when it finished it said it couldn’t write to the folder. I am attempting to create a new fresh image now with a new image name and see if it accepts it. I want to find out if it’s just a write issue, or if I cannot use the existing images I created. I will update after the new image completes.

    That one failed too. Error states it cannot mount the images folder.
    I would delete this post if I could, but I think I overwrote something I probably shouldn’t have during the transfer of the images folder from one PC to the other. I am going to redo the install and see if that works since the install process is easy enough. I will transfer my image files after I reinstall. I am not concerned with bringing the hosts across, only the images files.

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