Fog- computer keeps trying to deploy

  • Recently when we were deploying windows 7 to some computers in our school. One of our guys accidentally changed the directory of where to get the image during deployment of some computers. which was an easy fix to put back but now one of the computers seems to be stuck in the deployment. It says"No job for the mac address(mac address) " and then begins to count up in 5s. we deleted the task, restarted the computer completely, restarted the fog server and even deleted the host from our fog server and it still continues to give the same error.

    We do not know what else to do so please help. maybe there is something we have to do like delete cache or something but we don’t’ know. please help us.

  • Also, if it keeps being deployed, check your /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg folder. If there are no tasks, you should only have the default file. Chances are, and I’m only guessing, you’ve got a file that is representing that system’s mac address in the format of 01-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX where the X’s correspond with your systems mac address. Delete this file and you should no longer have this issue.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Kooper,

    Check that you have the following structure:


    .mntcheck files are hidden, you can show them with “ls -a”. Maybe when the folder was changed that structure did also change.
    If .mntcheck are not present, go to those folders and create them with “touch .mntcheck”.