Imaging without the 100mb system partition

  • What i’m looking forward to, is actually being able to create an image of Windows 7 so that i can finally deploy it to my computers. My problem is that my Win7 image first comes from higher up at the department of education here in Western Australia and they deliberately do not create the 100mb system partition.

    When i set up the new image under fog and set the OS to Win7 and the image type to Single Disk (NTFS Only / Resizeable), the image upload task ignored that and did it as raw. This is with FOG 0.32, so looking forward to 0.33 hopefully fixing that issue once and for all.

  • I believe you should be able to use single partition with Windows 7, if you choose OS type Vista. Both when uploading your image and deploying. This way, FOG does not expect to find the system partition, and you can still choose resizable, as you want.