• In our district we have many fog servers. In some of our recent servers we deployed they are not working to schedule tasks. If we manually do it, it works fine. If we try to schedule the tasks at a particular time they do not work. I have dug through a few forums and including this one and the only outcome I can find that seems to be a strong difference between our working FOG servers and non-working is the OS they are on. The working FOG Servers are on Fedora 13 and the non working servers are on Fedora 15. Would that be the difference? Does FOG have issues in relation to that version of Fedora?

  • Hi noelpd,

    I know it’s late and you might have resolved your problem, but I have come up with a cause and solution (at least in my case).
    []In order to schedule tasks, whatever it is the task, you must assign an image to the host/group you are trying to send the task.
    ]The server from which you are sending the task must be the group’s master node. I realised that, in WebUI > Other Information > Log Viewer > Scheduler, the server wasn’t the group manager and it wasn’t scheduling tasks.
    I hope this helps.