• I’m using 0.32 on an Ubuntu 12 server.

    On some models of laptops when I upload a ~34GB image, they indicate that data copied will be 100+ GB and the image takes forever to upload, just as if a 100+ GB has been uploaded. However, when I then look at the actual image size on the server, it’s in the area of 30GB as one would expect.

    On other models of laptops and desktops I have no problems whatsoever. Seems like the size of the hard drive has everything to do with it. The more available storage space, the larger the “Date Copied” shown in the progress screen and the longer the upload time. For example (all are the same image):

    1. 80GB hard drive, 34GB “Data Copied” indicated and 30 min upload time.
    2. 250GB hard drive, 100 GB “Data copied” indicated and 1hr+ upload time
    3. 500GB hard drive, 202GB “Data Copied” indicated and 2hr+ upload time

    Any ideas?

    Also, when I try to use Single disk resizeable on my Windows 7 images, they appear to upload properly but won’t boot when deployed. I FogPrep them last thing before I shut them down to upload so I’m not sure why this is happening. I have no problem with Multipple Partition deployments except for the upload concerns above. I’ve looked through the Forums but found no-one having my particular flavor of problems.