FOG stops deployment at "Checking queue"

  • FOG stops deployment task at “Checking queue” on client machine. Machine is a Dell 790, fog client 0.32 on an Ubuntu 10.04 release. Client just displays a count down (up) every 5 seconds. There were some references to this in the old forums which are now unavailable, hopefully someone can tell me how to resolve.

  • Awesome! Glad you got it working!:)

  • Thank you for the response. Just in the last hour I seem to have hit on the right kernel ( Core ) as my problem machine took an image. No knowing which kernel can be a challenge, but I can’t complain since you do get the option to name them. Thinking we were up-to-date I went backwards and nothing worked so I decided to start fresh and voila! Thank you for the reply!

  • Not sure if this will help you but I have seen our server do this when the loaded kernel doesn’t contain the proper NIC driver for the computer. You can change it easily by clicking on the “i” icon (lower case “i” in blue circle) in the Fog console then select “Kernel Updates” on the left hand menu. Now, scroll down the Published kernels to install a new one.

    We have noticed that some of our newest machines require a new kernel (ie. kernel but our older machines require us to load an older kernel (ie. kernel KS). Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to know which is currently loaded but you can load different kernels and retry the imaging process fairly quickly.

  • Hello? Has no one seen this? I know it was commented on in the old forums, is there anyway to retrieve those comments?