Ntfsclone and pigz stuck @ Syncing

  • Hi,
    I built a custom kernel and init.gz using the buildroot method detailed here ([url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Build_FOG_Core_Kernel[/url]) and here ([url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Build_FOG_file_system_with_BuildRoot_-_init.gz[/url]), but using the 3.9.4 Kernel.

    I modified the /bin/fog under the init.gz to use ntfsclone like so
    ntfsclone --save-image -o - $part | pigz -c1 > $imgpart.gz

    I does the image and then goes up to 100 percent and gets stuck at this point

    100.00 percent completed
    Syncing …

    I hit Ctrl-C and it continues and it does the same thing for all the NTFS partitions.
    If I change the /bin/fog to this
    ntfsclone --save-image -o - $part | gzip -c1 > $imgpart.gz

    It works fine.

    It does the same thing if I try to pigz a normal folder… so it is not ntfsclone related.

    If I use the pigz -p1 switch (turning off multi-threading), it works fine also.

    I suspect something I selected or deselected while doing the custom kernel does this.

    Any ideas ?

    Here is the FOG core.config updated for 3.9.4 ([url]http://paste2.org/PU9ULw5z[/url])
    Here is my core.config based on that one, but a lot of drivers that I did not need removed ([url]http://paste2.org/pcg0CWd2[/url])

    BTW, this new core.config I created works with Servers (Tested working on Dell PE 2850, HP ProLiant DL380 G3, ProLiant DL380 G5). Working testing on others servers we have.

    Edit : I just build a 2.6.34 kernel and it does the same thing. I have a 2.6.34 kernel that I did a custom build but not using the buildroot method and that one works fine…
    Also it does this on physical and virtual machines.


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