• so for a few days now i have been trying to add this newer computer to fog and every time i have tried to it comes up with (NO CHIP?) thin just sits there… nothing happens. i am using fog .32 and have the most up to date kernel. i have already tried going back 4 to 5 kernel releases but nothing seems to work. i have imaged thousands of computers with fog and our school district decided to get a few of these and they seem to not get along with fog very well.

    if you have any thing for me to try please let me know thank you.

    o yea and but the way the computer type is a (dell optiplex 960)
    here is a picture of the error…



  • I have a Stupid question. Is there a newer version of the KitchenSink Kernel that has the latest drivers in it?

  • thank you works good

  • Use the kitchensink kernel ( We have the same model with the same issue.