Display-Problems with cloning a machine

  • Hello Everybody,

    We have 35 Computer. (Dell Optiplex, HP Elitebooks and Maxdata Computers).
    Fog Server Ubuntu LTS 10.04 with acutal Fog Version.

    When we boot from the NIC, fog starts up and after he starts to clone… the display is going to snowing…
    what is the problem? (show the Image…)
    THX for any Help!

  • i have had this problem before it ended up being the graphics card driver, and our solution to this was to just use quick host registration and then change the host name ext in the fog console. then when it came to imaging we deployed the image and watched the progress form active tacks… it will get the job done if you need to finish up quickly.

    p.s. you may need to restart the computer manually after the registration is done.

  • Try to use a different kernel, such as a KitchenSink one, or compile your own following the Wiki using different interface/video options.


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