[Request] DNSMasq fails to start

  • Ladies and gentlement,

    I’m extremely new to Linux in general, and am attempting to set up a FOG 0.32 server inside our live network for use with imaging.

    I’ve gotten Ubuntu 12.04LTS installed, FOG 0.32 installed and running, and am able to add images and hosts inside the fog management console window. (Which is accessible from all machines on our network, like I hoped.)

    My issue comes in when actually trying to get a client machine to PXE boot. I receive an error message that basically says “No bootfile image received.” I’m assuming this has something to do with my ProxyDHCP/DNSMASQ FOG server not responding appropriately to the PXE requests.

    DISCLAIMER I do not have access to the existing DHCP server for the live portion of the network, so any recommendations for solutions to my problem will HAVE to apply directly to the clients or the FOG server.

    Any and all ideas/suggestions/support would be greatly appreciated!

  • Try this: [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Setting_up_ProxyDHCP[/url]

    When you get to step 7, modify line [B]dhcp-range=,proxy[/B] (almost at the end of the file) to match your DHCP server IP address (dhcp-range=x.x.x.x,proxy).

    This is a solution when you cannot -or you don’t want to- modify DHCP options 66 and 67. I have it working this way because options 66 and 67 are already busy.