Any tips when buying new laptops?

  • Hi all.

    I’m going to be buying some new laptops for our work place and was wondering if there were any special brands or specs to avoid when it comes to ghosting?

    90% of my units are currently Toshiba u500s, and apart from 1 unit (which i swear is possessed!) everything seems to be smooth sailing.

    If there are any brands or specs to avoid (purely because of FOG reasons) I’d love a heads up now :)

    (I wont be buying ACER / DELL / HP - I’m more likely looking at Toshiba, ASUS, Samsung at this stage)


  • From personal experience in work… avoid Toshiba laptops like the plague. Cheap tacky, and if you want to get WoL working, forget it. Our department was budgeted a small amount to buy 300… they went with C660’s, MUCH to my dismay and expressed objections… we have other models too and they’re mostly all the same… AVOID!

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