Having a weird problem...Simple solution?

  • I haven’t set up a fog server myself before, but I use one frequently at work that was already set up by someone else. I first boot using PXE and I get to my main FOG window just fine where I can select different tasks (host registration, client system info, various HDD diagnostics, etc.), but now whenever I select one, it starts its usual process where it says it’s loading some image files or something, but then it just stops for about 20 seconds and the computer just reboots entirely. I have not been able to get past it for the last couple weeks, having tried multiple different machine types.

    Any ideas? I have full access to the computer running fog, but I didn’t want to try anything without asking first since I’ve never had to mess with it in the past and don’t want to mess it up any further.
    Let me know if there are any details I could provide that would possibly narrow it down.