• Please excuse - I am a newb - I did build a Fog server that runs great though !

    My Question

    Is it possible to set up a fog server that will be able to image Pentium 4 and i7’s ?

    I have a Fog server running v 0.27. It’s imaging our P4 and Core 2 Duo machines fine - but it wont play nice with our i Series machines.( i3, i5 and i7 )

    I am guessing the kernel is not compatible ?

    I build a test rig with the latest Fog build v 0.32 and it wont play nice with my [SIZE=2]P4 and Core 2 Duo machines… maybe I did [/SIZE]something[SIZE=2] wrong ? I will be trying this again - but something is telling me I’m dreaming.[/SIZE]

    is it a pipe dream to have a server abel to handle such a wide variety of systems?

    Would love to be able to image our old Pentium 4 and Core 2 Duo machines as wellas the latest hardware as it comes out . can someone point me in the right direction - maybe i need to pick the right kernel ? i just stopped at the one that worked for me when i built our current system.

  • THank you for the quick response ! - I am collaborating across town so… wasn’t able to see, but our techs were telling me the machines just blinked a bunch and rebooted. ( attempting registration and inventory ) sounds similar to what I was getting when running the latest versions on ubuntu in my first efforts to get her up and running.

    [SIZE=2]Currently running Fog 0.27 on a Fedora 8 Virtualized - purring like a kitten -[/SIZE]
    thank you for the helping me out > I’ll check on the boot/EFI and kitchen sync kernel. Hopefully they can send me some of these newer machines to test - I have a feeling its the boot\EFI > maybe need to play around with the BIOS -

  • I’ve imaged both i5’s and Core 2’s from FOG with the stock kernel.
    What parts arn’t working?
    Have you tried a kitchensink kernel?
    Are your i7’s setup to boot legacy roms, or Secure boot/EFI only?