Workstation PXE boot to FOG then won't fall through to HDD

  • We’ve begun seeing that certain workstations (Lenovo Thinkcenter M72e, HP Elitebook 8530p) will PXE boot fine, load up the FOG kernel and do whatever FOG needs, but they won’t fall through to the HDD. Instead we get the blinking cursor on the top-right of the screen.

    Our workaround is to change the BIOS boot order to boot off the HDD, and hit an F-key during boot to choose PXE booting when we need to do FOG stuff, but this kills remote imaging (something we’ve come to depend on).

    Has anyone else seen similar behaviour? Any fixes?

  • What version BIOS on the M72e are you using?

    What BIOS settings do you set after [F9] Load setup default configuration?

  • By fail, what do you mean @Chris_56? RuralIT’s issue was from Jun 21, 2013, so he was most likely using FOG 0.32, I’m going to guess you’re using FOG 1.X.X?

    Seeing as you say 5 systems consistently fail, are they by chance on a different firmware/bios revision than the others? Have you looked into upgrading/degrading the BIOS/Firmware so they’re all on the same level?

    Have you tried the boot exit types? (e.g. SANBOOT (default), EXIT (exits back to bios), GRUB (tries to boot through grub to hard drive))

    Hopefully this helps find and correct the issue you’re experiencing.

  • We’re having the same issues with our Dell V3300s.
    It makes re-imaging impossible as post deploy it’s meant to reboot a few times to install drivers and jump onto the domain.
    Odd thing is that the majority of them work fine, but there are 5 that consistently fail.

    Another point of curiosity is that only one of our other office desktops decided to start failing on every boot whereas the rest are fine.

    No fixes yet, but I’ll post back if I find one.