Delayed tasks for group

  • The Fog server doesn’t have much ressources and it comes hard when i have task to send to dozens of clients at the same time.
    I think it could be nice to enable delayed tasks when it comes to group, and scheduled them on a 5min delay.
    (i’m not sure to be clear - sorry for poor english : here is an example of what i mean)
    [INDENT=1]I have my group called “Room3” of 15 computers. I want to use “Disk Surface Test” on all of them.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]I go in Group management / Room 3 and then select the task i want and ask for a 10mn delay and launch it immediately;[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]Then, computer1 runs the task, and 10mn after the computer2 runs the task, 10mn later the computer3, etc etc[/INDENT]

    I hope someone who might think it’s a good idea would re-write the idea to make it clear for everyone

    Thanks you all

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