Importing Host Group Membership

  • Is there a way to import host group memberships? I am deploying 2000 laptops through fog this summer. I have my image setup and testing with multicast and it is working great. I have my laptops imported into fog. But I need to split them into groups of 60 or 90 so I can set to multicast to those groups without manually adding the machines to the groups. Any ideas?

  • Found a solution that works for me. I deleted all of the computers and reimported them. I added a number string to the description field that I can search by to add them to groups. All of these laptops are stored on shelves with 15 per row and 6 shelves down, so a total of 90 per shelf. I numbered them in groups of 15. So my numbering scheme is: room they are in, shelving unit number, actual shelf then laptop order number. So looks like this: The first computer is E505010101 (E505 is the room). Last computer on bottom shelf unit 1 is: E505010615. This allow me to search for E50501 and pull up all 90 at once, or search in groups of 15. Is working well for me.

    Any other ideas for another way of doing?