Capone and FOG 0.32 not working - errors

  • Hi all,

    New install of 0.32 and having errors with Capone.
    DMI assigned all OK, Image assigned and uploaded all OK. All fields in MySQL tables matching linked.

    Laptop PXE boots, select Capone, loads bzImage, matches the DMI fields, finds the matching image, then errors with… " invalid operating system id " and then reboots the PC with a 1 minute countdown.

    Anybody got any ideas, 'cause I’d really like to get Capone working…

  • Capone hangs when matching DMI also with version 0.31

  • I’m surprised that Capone is working with 0.32 version, mine hangs when matching DMI.

  • Ahh all fixed. One should not have copied over “awk” into the bin directory in the init.gz silly boy

    All good now.


  • More info…
    I restored the original file and just changed the lines you mentioned above… another new error…

    /bin/awk: line 1: syntax error: unexpected “(”

    then goes into shutdown mode

  • Hi again,
    Sorry to hassle you, but after copying the file across, I now get the following error…

    /etc/init.d/S99fog: line 72: /bin/fog.capone: not found

    If I restore the original file, then I get back my original error… I copied awk across to the bin file while I was using the new file incase that was the problem.

    Wondering if you may have any more ideas?

  • Hi Zardan,

    Thanks very much for quick response - very much appreciated. I have copied the file across and I’ll test it first thing in the morning when I’m back in the office, (it’s 21:33 here).
    Again, thanks

  • Hi Karl,

    I had this issue too and someone on the old fog forum found the solution for it by modifying the fog.capone file in init.gz
    Ive attached the modified file.
    The file you want to modify is in the bin folder.
    For more info on modifying init see [url][/url]

    Hers the lines that are changed in the file:
    Find:determineOS echo $linedecode | cut -d'|' -f2;
    Replace with: determineOS echo $linedecode | awk -F"|" '{ print $2 }';

    Find(this line exists 2 places, replace both): osid=echo $linedecode | cut -d'|' -f2;
    Replace with: osid=echo $linedecode | awk -F"|" '{ print $2 }';