Image file in server was overwritten by new image.

  • Our student workstation image has been humming along just fine with 200+ images deployed. We decided to go ahead and start gearing up for teacher workstation imaging for the summer by preparing and uploading the new teacher image.

    We created the image using the default storage location and gave it a unique name and file name.

    the workstation we were uploading the image from had the proper image association selected.

    when we went to image a student workstation we realized that the student image had been over written and there was no sign of the new image nor its associated location on the server.

    And help would be greatly appreciated.


  • If the old image has been overwritten with a new image then someone must have forgot to associate the computer with a new image file / definition. Some of our engineers make this mistake too.

    You have only 3 options:

    1. Try a Linux file recovery tool on the FOG server.
    2. Upload again from any of the 200+ workstations that has the image. If you can find one that’s not been used great.
    3. Recreate the image from scratch.

    Start backing up your storage node at least 1 a month.