Adding Imaged Host to Domain and Renaming

  • This is a simple windows file that is used via the command line to join the domain and change the name. I copy mine to c:, c:\windows, and c:\windows\system32 You also have the fog service installed right? If so, You will need to restart the service for it to try again.


  • Thank you soooo much for the response. Have been going crazy this whole week looking for a solution.

    Going to sound really stupid here…Netdom???

  • 1 - Have you tried adding netdom to the machine? That is what the FOG Service uses to join the machine to the domain and rename it.
    2 - I will attach my xml to this post. This is actually the one I use for 64 bit as we are all 64 bit. It can easily be adjusted. You will also need to change the extension to .xml from .txt. I couldn’t upload a xml. We do not use fogprep on windows 7 images at all.