• I have fog set up on a vm on an esxi box, and have a ZFS based san set up for my master storage node. When i capture images, they dont get deduplicated at all, and my dedup ratio stays at 1.00x. Deduplication however is running because i can copy the resulting folder and ill get 2.0x dedup ratio that way. I am using two windows 8 images from the same machine that are slightly different to test. I have tried disabling compression following a guide at [url]http://stevemorrissey.com/wp/2010/01/14/disable-gzip-image-compression-in-fog-for-faster-image-creation/[/url] thinking that compression was causing an abysmally small ammount of duplicate blocks, but I still am not getting any deduplication when capturing. Does anybody else have any experience with zfs block level deduplicaion and FOG?

    Sorry if this is meant for the linux subforum, but deduplication is seemingly working for anything else i try to put on it

  • I had the same problem when running dedup on FreeNAS under ZFS.

    In the end, I decided that the RAM hit and risk was not worth the savings.