• Hello,

    I am a tech for a school district and I am trying to get fog working throughout the district. I have used it in other districts I have worked in but it was already installed. I currently have version 0.32 installed on Ubuntu Linux 12.10.

    I have my fog server on on a port that is shared to all other vlans. But I can only deploy and detect computer that are on the 10.10 vlan. I can’t figure out why i can’t detect other computer outside the vlan. Any help would be great.

  • Yes, Define them for any scope that has computers or your clients don’t know where to look for the boot server (Fog server). Make sure that these options are not defined for other systems, IP phones sometimes use options 66 & 67.

    Ideally if you had IP phones that use options 66 & 67 they would be on a different DHCP scope than your computers

  • No i can’t see fog menu, I guess that’s what I meant by detect. I have only defined 66 & 67 for the scope the fog server is on. Are you suggesting I define them on all scopes in my network?

  • So what cant you do? Detect means nothing. Can you see fog menu on clients? Have you defined options 66 & 67 for the other DHCP Scopes?

  • Yes I can successfully ping to other vlans from

  • Can you ping your clients on other vlans from