Why is it so damn hard to have a different nfs storage then native server?

  • Hi,

    iam trying since days and i feel much stupid!
    If i setup a plain fog on an ubuntu 12.04 it works

    i can make upload immediatelly or schedule them (scheduling then works)

    At the moment i switch from local /images to another nfs server that i mount
    to /images it only works if path is / instead of /images/ even when everything is
    exactly the same like to local share.

    After that immediatelly upload still work but scheduling is broken.
    And for a damn it i don’t know why, the only difference is a nfs share on another

    I will receive the iam not group manager messages in the log, but nothing changed
    instead of using another nfs share with the same paths for the shares!

    Then when i switch back to the local storage default node it will not work again, then
    i receive messages about cannot connect db (even if nothing has changed)!

    I cannot make a dedicated server just for fog with big hdds, we have a storage server
    that i want to use and i dont unterstand why this seems to be so difficult.

    Yes i have a running FTP server on the Storage server, everything is same i used
    the same credentials the local ftp uses so i dont need to change the predefined settings
    instead of ip.

    Setting up another TFTP Server and using existing DHCP and DNS was a childs play against this!

    Iam near the resignation.

    Greetz X23

  • Hi,

    after reading and more reading into the wiki and kb i found the solution. It was a missunderstanding of how FOG is working.
    I didnt knew that there can be only one local storage node on each fog server! stupid me 😉

    Greetz X23