Upgrade 0.29 to 0.32 not working

  • Gents,

    I’m trying to upgrade our fog install 0.29 to 0.32. I ran the ./installfog.sh which succesfully installs. No errors and with a nice “Setup complete!” message. However, if i logon to the webinterface it still says i’m using version 0.29 and i do not get the message for the database upgrade. I already rebooted the machine but still no joy.

    What can i do now?

  • Again, we nailed it. The solution was to disable the required SSL on the /var/www/fog/ directory. It was always on but since the upgrade it was keeping fog from sending the inventory.

    Case closed for now.

  • Joehoe… it works again.

    One of my previous coworkers has made a custom definition in the /commons/config.php

    DEFINE(rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], '/') . rtrim(WEB_ROOT, '/'));

    We just changed this in

    DEFINE('BASEPATH', dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) );

    And all works great now!

    Darn, still can’t image. After booting from PXEboot the machine can’t send the inventory information :(

  • Okay, tried some more. It seems that I was looking in the wrong directory. My bad.

    But now I get a new type of error. A nice “Internal Server Error 500”.
    I can see i’ve been redirected to the /fog/commons/schemeupdater/ directory.

    Can you give me some hints to look for?


    The apache error log shows a fatal error. Now i’m completely lost. Now I have 2 paths.
    The install went without errors in /var/www/fog. But the fog is sitting in /usr/share/fog/. I did copy all files and folders from /var/www/fog to /usr/share/fog.
    But after this copy the redirect to the schemeupdater went active and I got the Internal Server Error.

    [Thu May 02 23:00:29 2013] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare getFirstGroupNameByHostID() (previously declared in /var/www/fog/commons/functions.include.php:29) in /usr/share/fog/commons/functions.include.php on line 58

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