• I hope someone in here can help me.

    I have made a msi package that i want to deploy through fog. My problem is that the license files needed for the program is not included in the msi package so i made a script that copy the license files from a network location to the machine and execute the msi installer. The script works fine when i run it manually but i can’t get fog to execute it.
    It’s just a simple batch script. Toad.bat

    @Echo off

    echo Installing ToaD

    START “” “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\7ZipSfx.000\Toad for Oracle 10.6.msi”

    mkdir %LOCALAPPDATA%“Quest Software”

    copy “S:\Licensed software\Toad\10.6\Quest Software*.*” “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Quest Software”

    I have used sfxmaker to put the script and the msi installer in one file and deploy that using fog. The file is pushed to the client. but never executes. What am i doing wrong?

    Am i missing some arguments or should i do this another way. I feel like i have tried everything.