Error Mounting Filesystem

  • Hello,
    yes i know this seems to be an common problem, but i can’t fix it myself.
    I’ve set up a ubuntu 11.04 machine with nothing but the FOG-Suite.
    Taking Images just works and sometimes deploying too, but only sometimes.
    Most of the time i just get the RPC timed out, bad file descriptor error.
    I reinstalled diffierent ubuntu versions, sometimes it works for 1-5 machines and the n suddenly stops working.
    As DHCP i have a pfSense Firewall,which is the DHCP, the FOG-Server and the Target machines are in the same net
    Something strange is that i have to install a proxydhcp for working TFTP-boot.
    Does anyone have a idea why this doesn’t want to work?

    Edit: Ok the error now is “Storage Node: Defaultmember is open, but has recently failed”

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